After volunteering at a local church, Graham Rains came home feeling unwell.

“I developed chills and a fever. Of course the first thing I thought was ‘uh-oh I got COVID’.”

As the Crousetown man’s symptoms worsened, Rains found himself in the Emergency Department at South Shore Regional Hospital, facing some life-altering decisions.

“Dr. Paul Soloman let me explain my story and after examining me and my leg, he returned with a surgeon and explained my options. I had a flesh eating disease that could have been the end of me or my leg.”

A short time later, Rains was in recovery after surgery to his leg. “The next thing I knew there was a nurse telling me to look down at my leg. I didn’t want to as I didn’t know if it was there or not but then I saw my toes sticking up and I was pretty sure the leg was still attached!”

“I specifically remember my surgeon, Dr. Edward Joy, asking me to do one thing for him. He told me I couldn’t just sit there and feel sorry for myself, that I had to make a plan to occupy my mind and heal. He was right and I appreciated that advice.”

Rains spent a total of 90 days at South Shore Regional Hospital recovering, gaining insight and respect for all the staff in the hospital. “From the housekeeping staff to the food services staff (honestly the hospital has the best pizza on the South Shore) to the nurses and doctors; the care in Bridgewater is as good of care as you can get anywhere.”

Rains is continuing to heal at home, where he lives with his wife Myrna. He still returns to Bridgewater to be cared for by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lisa Dickson.

“I would like to thank Dr. Soloman, Dr. Joy and Dr. Dickson. They are so professional and competent yet still very caring. I really do respect what the front line staff are going through these days. I thank them for all they have done for me and they have my greatest respect.”

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore would like to recognize and thank all the physicians who serve the South Shore. The Health Services Foundation and NOW Lunenburg County’s partnership helps support the physician recruitment and retention efforts of Nova Scotia Health.