As we grow up we daydream of where life and our future career will take us. For Jim Fox*, his military career took him from Bedford, Nova Scotia, across Canada, with his Carolyn, from LaHave. But there was never a doubt these two Bluenosers would return to the East Coast one day and plant their roots on the South Shore.

Jim says once you’re on the South Shore you are part of the community. “As a member of the community you put your shoulder into making your community better. By definition, our hospitals are the community. What goes on inside the hospital involves the whole community in one way or another so if you want to actually contribute and promote where you live, then the hospital is a logical place to support.”

Within a year of settling into their 200-year old home, nestled in the outskirts of Mahone Bay, the Foxs began giving back to local healthcare through Carolyn’s volunteer work in the palliative care unit at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg. “I started volunteering and then we ended up using both Fishermen’s and South Shore Regional as patients. We can’t say enough about the wonderful help we’ve received at both hospitals.”

Over the years the Foxs have made numerous donations to the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore, whether in memory of a friend or in support of a campaign. “I don’t think we ever really ‘thought’ about it giving to the hospital,” Carolyn notes, “it just seemed like the natural thing to do. We want to see new equipment in our community hospitals.”

When it came time for the couple to redo their will, the Foxs decided to include the Health Services Foundation as one of the beneficiaries. “As we were considering our options we simply asked ourselves where we could put our money that would make an impact,” says Jim. “We chose the hospitals through the Foundation because they have the broadest reach. And honestly, the Foundation knows how to spend money our hospitals needs better than we do. I have faith in the organization so we will give them as much money as we can allocate.”

Jim and Carolyn just hope others think of their “local” when planning out their final donations. ”Nowadays the older population is more active than ever and will rely on local healthcare for more years, As long as they have their health they are doing things which will generate more of a need for strong, local healthcare. People need to think of and give to their local hospitals and their Foundations.”

*Jim Fox has since passed since this story was published. The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is grateful for his generosity and kindness.