The Veinots family roots run deep, spanning the entire South Shore. Gladys started a family on the outskirts of Bridgewater with her husband and son Malcolm, who served as a long-time employee of the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. The family has had many dealings with local healthcare over the years, from childhood illnesses to losing the man they called father and husband.

“He spent his 85th birthday in South Shore Regional Hospital,” Gladys recalls. “They even let us have a room to celebrate his birthday in, away from his bed. They allowed us to spend a lot of family time together when we needed it. Having access to healthcare, basically in our backyard, has been very important to us. The doctors and staff really take care of you to the fullest of their abilities.”

Malcolm & Gladys Veinot believe there comes a time in everyone’s life when they start to consider what’s important to them and how they can help make it better. Malcolm, who has used a number of services at South Shore Regional Hospital says he gives because he can see the need for additional health services here in Bridgewater. “We give any way we can, whether it’s our monthly donation or a donation to Radiothon – we want to give back. Leaving a final donation in our wills for the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is just a great way to say one last thanks.”

Making decisions to update their wills was neither easy nor hard for the Veinots; it was just reality. “We’re all going to have a last day on earth, you may as well make it easy for those left to fulfill your wishes. An estate without a will can be a nightmare! In this day and age,” Malcolm says, “healthcare should be one of everyone’s top priorities. We need more doctors, they need up to date facilities; you need up to date facilities too, even if you don’t know it yet!”