South Shore residents in need of a “scope” will soon be able to have their procedures done in a more private and patient-friendly space.

Plans for the $115.7-million South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project, currently underway at the 33-year-old hospital, include a new Endoscopy Unit.

Endoscopy is a procedure where a ‘scope’ (thin, flexible tube with a light and camera on the end) is introduced into the body, used to look at patients’ bowels, stomachs and lungs.   

As the result of this redevelopment, these procedures will take place in a bright new, functional, purpose-built, patient-friendly space that is six times the size of the current small space. This SSRH Medical Site Lead Dr. Heather Robertson says is good news for patients and staff.

“With nearly 2,500 endoscopy procedures taking place at our hospital each year, having two dedicated rooms will support our continued high volume and high-quality endoscopy program. With increased privacy and additional waiting space, this new unit will greatly improve the patient experience.”

The Redevelopment Project will also include a dedicated negative pressure room for Endoscopy —a requirement for bronchoscopy—that also allows for patient isolation if required. Essential private patient washrooms will be abundant.

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is very excited and committed to supporting the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project. It will have more news to share on its volunteer-led fundraising effort in the coming months.