Having an MRI machine on the South Shore has led the Queens General Hospital Foundation to make a six-figure gift to the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project.

The QGH Foundation, which has supported health care in Queens County for over 30-years, has committed $725,000 to the project’s fundraising efforts, organized by the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore.

QGH Foundation Chair Dr. Al Doucet says when there is a service added to South Shore Regional Hospital that will serve those who live in Queens County, their Foundation wants to be supportive of it.

“Our mandate is to support the health care of the people of Queens County and this is a great way to do it. When an MRI for South Shore Regional was added to the hospital’s redevelopment project, the discussion at our Foundation’s table was not really a discussion at all! South Shore Regional is the only regional hospital in Nova Scotia without an MRI. It is much needed, so we were happy to put our $725,000 to work to make it possible. Our donors have given the funds to enable us to make this donation and the QGH Foundation is happy to do so.”

It’s not the first time the volunteer-led QGH Foundation has supported the Health Services Foundation’s efforts at South Shore Regional. The two charities have partnered in support of the SSRH CAT Scan and the South Shore Health Bursary.

“It’s our regional hospital,” notes Dr. Doucet. “Our friends, families and neighbours are always going back and forth between Queens General and South Shore Regional. Physicians and staff at the two hospitals connect and work together daily for our patients. If you needed an MRI today you have to go to Yarmouth, Kentville or Halifax. To put an MRI in Bridgewater will reduce the amount of travel and time it takes for our South Shore patients to receive the scan. It will be close and available in emergency situations.”

“Strong relationships can and do create win-wins for our South Shore communities when it comes to health care.”

On top of the addition of the MRI, the $115.7-million Redevelopment Project will expand the Emergency, Endoscopy and Day Surgery Departments at South Shore Regional. The project will also see the addition of Dialysis Treatments to Bridgewater; this addition will not take away or impact the renal dialysis services presently offered at Queens General Hospital.

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is very excited and committed to supporting the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project. It will have more news to share on its volunteer-led fundraising effort in the coming months.

Media contact:

Alison Clements – Manager, Strategic Engagement

Health Services Foundation of the South Shore    902-521-9522