Do you remember what you wanted to be growing up? A doctor? A teacher? An athlete?

For Emma Joudrey, it was clear in junior high school she wanted to be a nurse. She grew up around health care as both her parents (Avan & Lisa) work in the field. Emma says witnessing the care and hard work they both provide daily definitely impacted her career choice.

“And once I made my decision, the South Shore Bursary Program made my dream possible. Plus, its return of service requirement inspired me to focus in on my studies, knowing I had guaranteed full time employment following graduation as a nurse.”

“Receiving this bursary has been an immense privilege. I’ve come full circle, from that New Germany Rural High School student dreaming of becoming a nurse, to now being a full-time registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at South Shore Regional Hospital.”

Each year the South Shore Bursary Program supports a dozen people living in Lunenburg and Queens Counties, pursuing a health care-related career.

“I am thrilled to be able to begin my nursing career on the South Shore, the place I get to call home. Especially on the cusp of the vital redevelopment of South Shore Regional.”

“This is an exciting time for local health care as our regional hospital will be expanding by nearly 30%, new services will be available to our friends and loved ones and having the most up-to-date equipment will no doubt help recruit and retain new health care professionals (like me) to help care for our communities when they need it most!”

Since 2006, the South Shore Health Bursary has invested over $1,000,000 into the future of health care professionals in both Lunenburg & Queens Counties. The bursary is a proud partnership of the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore, the South Shore Regional Hospital Auxiliary, the Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, the Queens General Hospital Foundation and a committed supporter in the community.