Dick Joyce’s $100,000 donation to the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project is a gift of gratitude.

He and his family have always supported local health care and hospitals, as the services touch us all.

Dick was particularly thankful for the care his wife Barbara received after her cancer diagnosis. The couple didn’t know a lot about South Shore Regional Hospital to that point, other than a couple of trips to its Emergency Department. They suddenly become very familiar with the Bridgewater hospital.

“We had a three-year history of going to the hospital every other week, and then every week for her chemo treatments. When you’re going through that process, you’re not alone; you meet a lot of people and become very involved with the (oncology) department. Barb got extremely good care. I wanted to be able to do something to let people know I appreciated the care she received. “

Dick was able to make his $100,000 donation to the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore by giving shares from his stock investments. A move the former businessman says is a win-win for he and the charities he supports.

“Most people who have stock investments will usually end up with capital gains on their investment, which are taxable. If you’re like me, you try to do what you can to avoid extra taxes. Giving shares to a charity can make your money go further for everyone involved.”

“The way it works is, I invest $10 in a stock that goes up to be worth $20. I can donate that $20 stock certificate to a charity. I can claim the donation tax receipt of $20 and the $10 capital gain I made is not taxed. We both come out ahead. This can mean a significant amount of money for people who have assets tied up in capital gains on their stock investment. It makes their money go a lot further than selling the stock and then donating the cash after the capital gains tax is deducted.”

Dick encourages people interested in donating shares to the SSRH redevelopment fundraising to talk to their financial planner and then to the Health Services Foundation.

“This redevelopment is a great project. I’m most excited about having access to an MRI facility and a SPECT-CT scanner, as they are new pieces of technology that will be available to residents of the South Shore. Who doesn’t want this kind of technology in our regional hospital?”

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is very excited and committed to raising $6.6-million in support of the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project. It will have more news to share on its volunteer-led fundraising effort in the coming months.

Media contact:

Alison Clements

Manager, Strategic Engagement

Health Services Foundation of the South Shore