South Shore Regional Hospital is soon to benefit from one of the municipalities it serves.

Council members of the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg voted unanimously to donate $200,000 in support of the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore’s Brighter Days campaign; a campaign raising funds for the redevelopment of South Shore Regional Hospital.

“This was an easy ask for us,” said MODL Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “South Shore Regional serves all the residents in our municipality and when we are talking about equipment such as an MRI, dialysis treatments, a revamp of the emergency department… these are all so important to our residents and to everyone on the South Shore.”

“It will alleviate some of the (appointment) time for our residents. Some can go to Liverpool for dialysis treatments, others have to go to Halifax. Keeping our residents closer to home is so important when they are dealing with these health issues.”

The donation is made on behalf of the residents and staff of MODL.

Mayor Bolivar-Getson notes the donation isn’t just about the new equipment and services the redevelopment of the 34-year-old hospital will bring.

“As we look at the doctor crisis that we have throughout the province, any investment in healthcare is an investment worth making. This is something that is going to benefit all residents of the South Shore.”

“I would encourage each and every municipality to donate to this worthwhile cause, and residents who are able to, by all means.”

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is very excited and committed to raising $6.6-million in support of the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project. It will have more news to share on its volunteer-led fundraising efforts this September.