The Brighter Days Capital Campaign is shining today, with the generous donation by Tim and Anne Freeman; longtime donors to the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore.

While the Freemans knew they wanted to support the redevelopment of South Shore Regional Hospital, it was a friend’s experience that inspired them to donate to the Brighter Days Capital Campaign. “Our friend told us that their family member was saved because of the fast action and expertise of emergency staff at South Shore Regional; that drew us to this commitment,” says Tim.

Anne agrees and notes the donation is specifically for the Emergency Department, which is set to triple in size. “The first experience for most patients with the hospital is the Emergency Department. It usually comes with some anxiety. We have utilized the service a number of times ourselves and were treated well. We are happy to support this project.”

The South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project will also see the 34-year-old facility’s Day Surgery and Endoscopy Departments expand to have more capacity, while bringing a SPECT-CT scanner, twelve-bed Dialysis Unit and a long-awaited MRI scanner to the region.

The couple chose to give their gift via stock donations which Tim says is a smart way to give. “By donating stock, we avoid paying tax on the capital gain of that investment. This enables us to make a larger donation. It’s a win /win for all!”

“All of us will need the hospital at some point in our lives and so it deserves our support.”

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is very excited and committed to raising $6.6-million in support of the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project through our Brighter Days Capital Campaign. As our community campaign launches, there will be more frequent news to share on its volunteer-led fundraising effort in the coming months.