“The vital expansion of the Endoscopy Unit at South Shore Regional Hospital  will ensure the continued success of performing high volume and high quality endoscopy. The new Endoscopy Unit will be designed to ensure patients have the very best treatment experience possible with respect, dignity and privacy.”

– Dr. Hughie Fraser, MD, FRCPC Gastroenterologist

A calm and caring experience

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure where a ‘scope’ (thin, flexible tube with a light and camera on the end) is introduced into the body in order to look at internal organs and structures. “Endo” procedures are routinely conducted for a broad array of diagnoses.

While a fairly common procedure, it is one that some patients find daunting and stressful. Anxiety during endoscopy is a widely researched area, as it often impacts the outcome of the endoscopy, the ease of the procedure itself and whether or not it will need to be repeated; keeping calm and relaxed can make passage of the scope easier and less uncomfortable.

Helping patients manage their individual stress response during a scope is key. That’s difficult to do when you are awaiting a procedure and are in close physical proximity to other patients undergoing procedures.

Our new Endoscopy Unit will move out of a single, small room with no waiting area currently located behind the Emergency Department, into a bright new, functional, purpose-built, patient-friendly space that is six times the size of the current Endoscopy space.

It will include a dedicated negative pressure room—a requirement for bronchoscopes—that also allows for patient isolation if required. Essential private patient washrooms will be abundant, and the new unit will accommodate both endoscopy and urology procedures. Two procedure rooms and a dedicated recovery area will fully support the over 2,400 scope procedures conducted each year at the Hospital.