“Travelling two hours to Halifax for dialysis was brutal, especially the winter driving. By the end of my 3-hour treatment I would be so exhausted, both physically and mentally, I was not able to drive myself home. The addition of travel cost added a layer of financial stress to an already difficult time.”

– Melinda Naugler, Dialysis patient

We can save both life, and quality of life

Many members of our local community who are receiving life-saving dialysis treatment for kidney disease or damage will now be able to be treated right here at South Shore Regional Hospital.

Today there are 3 million Canadians who have kidney damage or reduced kidney function and many are here in Lunenburg County. Patients frequently experience renal failure due to diabetes, hypertension, cancer, trauma or even because of a hereditary condition.

Dialysis usually requires these patients to be connected to a dialysis machine for a minimum of a few hours, multiple times per week. Currently dialysis patients from our region travel to Halifax or Liverpool for their dialysis sessions. For many that means asking a family member or a neighbour, or hiring someone to drive them to their 3X weekly sessions, for months and sometimes years.

Those travelling for dialysis treatments find their lives revolving around an arduous schedule of travel and treatment.

The sheer time commitment required to travel and receive treatment robs patients of life’s precious moments. Time with loved ones. Time to work. The chance to sit outdoors on a sunny afternoon.Opportunities to savour all that life has to offer. Moments of joy, and of enjoyment.

Our new 12-chair, 5,600 sq. ft. Dialysis Unit will be bright, modern, and patient-friendly with lots of natural light. It will be a comfortable, uplifting place for patients who must spend hours at a time receiving treatment. It will allow appropriate spacing between patients and better overall infection control.

For the first time, Dialysis patients from our communities will be able to receive treatment close to home. This new unit is a significant service addition for those served by South Shore Regional. It will help alleviate pressure on the dialysis treatment resources in the Central Zone while also providing the capacity to treat an increasing numbers of patients from our region.