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Executive Director's Report 2020

Arleen-170x170Each year I have the pleasure to speak about the accomplishments of the Health Services Foundation’s staff and board with our community.

This year I want to start by thanking our staff. The Foundation is very fortunate to have a dedicated and enthusiastic team.  With her strong media background, Development Officer Alison Clements brings her energy and enthusiasm each day to her communications and event-based role. Darlene Langille is often the first face of the Foundation office, working with our walk-in donors. Her kindness and patience allows Darlene to be thorough and make each interaction positive. Danielle McCarthy has mastered our Raisers Edge database, tracking our finances and donor relationships in-depth. Her hardworking, thorough nature has allowed us to make great strides in this detailed database management program. I appreciate the opportunity to work with these women each day (even as we currently work from home). Please feel free to contact any of us should you have a question about our fundraising or how we use your generous donations.

Great strides were made this year in our fundraising events. The Gift From The Heart Radiothon and the West Nova Fuels Curl for a Cause both celebrated anniversaries; 20 years and 10 years respectively. These flagship events and our Women’s Giving Circle all had banner years, raising more than ever, which I must say is unique when it comes to events. These events only seem to get better with age!

Our donors have allowed this to be an outstanding year of purchases for our hospitals. The Foundation is thrilled to have invested so much back into our local healthcare - $1.7-million is a tremendous number for us. We are proud to say all funds donated to the Health Services Foundation stay and are invested into our Lunenburg County hospitals.

As a supporter, you can also take great pride in the Foundation’s assistance with recruitment programs. As one board member said over a decade ago, “you can buy all the equipment you want, but you need someone to operate it”. So with that in mind we have continued to work hard to develop our South Shore Bursary Program. As we venture into our 12th year of the bursary, we are fortunate to partner with the Queens Hospital Foundation, Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, South Shore Regional Hospital Auxiliary and two community donors. Last year, we collectively dedicated $154,000 to assisting in tuition for eleven medical staff while supporting ten students already working through their programs. The increase in bursary funds is thanks to those who donated to our holiday mail campaign; some of which have chosen to give a monthly donation to this fund. A very special thank you to Nova Scotia Health’s People Services Department who work through the details on this program and finalize the return for service contracts required of these students.

Our dedication to assisting in physician recruitment continues as well, with support from Nova Scotia Health staff, including local Physician Recruiter Patti Smith and Dr. Cheryl Pugh. Of course the Foundation has witnessed a tremendous commitment towards physician recruitment from our donors, including from Jim & Carolyn Evans, whose gift you will read more about further into our Donor Impact Report. The Foundation is also pleased to partner with NOW Lunenburg County to support their physician recruitment efforts.

The Foundation staff and I are very fortunate to work with such a cohesive, conscientious board. This year we say goodbye to four board members: Past-Chair Phil Bradfield, Mary Meisner, Anne Cosgrove and Nancy Stabenow. Thank you so much for your time and work around the board table and also on various committees and activities you have lead and participated in. Each of these board members has stayed for the full four terms – eight years each. This is tremendous community dedication and I want to thank them publicly.

Many of these board members have helped us to lay the groundwork for a newly completed feasibility study which will help guide us into the oncoming ER Redevelopment campaign. This work is also being supported by our first strategic plan which will direct the work of our board and staff over the next three years.

As well, a warm welcome to our new board members just beginning their first term with us and also to those who have just completed their first year; dipping their toes into the sometimes complicated world of healthcare fundraising - Ben Anderson, Ben Carver, Jeff Sabean and Janice Tanner-Ernst.

A special thank you to Rob Zwicker, Health Services Director and Health System Leader for our hospitals in Lunenburg & Queens Counties, and his wonderful Nova Scotia Health staff who allow us into their clinical spaces and patiently answer our questions. We truly appreciate you and want you to know that our donors appreciate your time, your tours and your patience as well.

Even as our world continues to find its footing amid COVID-19, the Foundation staff and I welcome you to call or email us, and hopefully (at some point) to stop into the office. We look forward to either meeting with you for the first time or continuing our ongoing friendship.

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