January is one of the busiest times of year for the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore. Even with the Brighter Days capital campaign in the background, we are looking toward to our event season.

Tune into the fun of the 14th annual Radiothon on February 14th.  I’m so excited that the Foundation will be able to host part of this 12-hour live broadcast on CKBW and Country 100.7 within the walls of South Shore Regional again. It’s been too long since Radiothon has been able to be in the hospital and close to staff.  Call in on Radiothon day ( save the number 1-833-368-3800) and help support the South Shore’s ICU and the tremendous life-saving work of our ICU medical staff and doctors. The phone lines are open at 6:00am.

Only a couple of quick weeks after Radiothon is the 24th annual West Nova Fuels Curl for a Cause, dedicated to our wonderful Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital. We see the $1-million goal soon in sight for this tremendous bonspiel! Come down to the Lunenburg Curling Club on March 1, 2 & 3, watch our curlers and participate in the auction. This is a marathon 3-day weekend event with loads of fun for everyone.

In the very near future we’ll focus on a new strategic plan. This plan takes the energy and focus given to the Brighter Days capital campaign and puts it into a 5-year plan, to expand what we do while raising more donations for both Fishermen’s Memorial and South Shore Regional Hospital. A huge thank you to the staff, Board, donors and community members who took the time this fall to give their big picture view on the possibilities of the Foundation.

And, of course, a big thank you to our incredible volunteers who help with all aspects of these events –  we couldn’t do it without you!

Recently I had a chance to tour the new construction of the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment. If you drive by our regional site, you can’t help but notice the crane, the trucks and the general activities of construction. What a change a week brings to this site. The newly expanded Emergency Department has cement walls and a roof. The Dialysis Unit has all the sub floor piping that patients will never see, walls and a ceiling. The structure for the ambulance bay has begun and the new access routes at the back of the site are in place and paved. And the large crane which has been instrumental in the build, leaves in early October.

The Foundation staff and I are so pleased to have played a small part in the initial community consultation of this build and in the subsequent equipment fundraising now holding steady at $10.5M.

Within the walls of our hospitals, we extend a warm welcome to the new doctors who have recently moved to start practicing on the South Shore, including Dr. Michael Gibson, the new palliative care physician. I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Dr. Gibson, and other hospital staff, when he first considered practicing in Lunenburg. I was struck by his gentle kindness and warmth. I’m sure you will be too if you have the opportunity to meet him. Dr. Gibson is one of ten new physicians who have arrived on the South Shore since the spring. NSH Physician Recruiter Patti Smith and our own Foundation Physician Settlement and Retention Coordinator Martha Marchand, have been instrumental in the success of bringing and settling these ten physicians. These physicians include a cardiologist, rheumatologist, surgeon, family medicine, a hospitalist among others. Please give them a warm welcome to Lunenburg County if you see them.

Now that the Brighter Days campaign, for the most part, is behind us, we are looking ahead and five years into the future. A retreat is planned for the Foundation’s Board of Directors for the end of October and the new strategic plan is in the works. We are asking ourselves where do we want to be in five years and what ways can we best contribute to our communities. Soon, we will pose that question to you.

May your autumn be as healthy as the air is crisp!


Harold Wainwright was not one for the spotlight. He took great pride in being active, whether through his 35-years of work at Michelin Bridgewater, his time in the Canadian military or conquering Nova Scotia’s ski hills.

Giving to healthcare on the South Shore became an annual tradition of Mr. Wainwright, beginning in 1988 with a $20 donation to the development of South Shore Regional Hospital. His desire to give more to his regional hospital grew over the years, as did his want to honour his mother, Ruth, with his philanthropy.

Medical professionals having the equipment they need in their hospital was very important to Mr. Wainwright. As he pondered his long-term philanthropic giving, his financial advisor introduced him to donor advised funds.

A donor advised fund is a personal charitable account established and named by an individual or family. The fund receives donations from its founder (or founders), often made both in their lifetime and by their estate. Essentially, it is like starting a personal foundation, minus the expensive overhead of managing it.

In 2015, Mr. Wainwright created a donor advised fund to honour his mother: the Ruth Salter Memorial Fund. This fund gives to two charities annually, one being the Health Services Foundation for its area of greatest need.

Donor advised funds not only allow the donor setting up the fund to benefit from a sizeable tax receipt during the creation of the fund, but also allows the donor to plan their future charitable donations, instead of making a one-time large donation.

While Mr. Wainwright has passed away, his legacy (and that of his mother) continues to enhance healthcare at South Shore Regional Hospital. He set up the donor advised fund so it will continue to invest in important healthcare projects on the South Shore over the next ten years, all in Ruth’s name.

“Mr. Wainwright was a private and thoughtful man who wanted to make his hospital the best it could be for himself, his neighbours and his communities,” notes Arleen Stevens, Executive Director of the Health Services Foundation. “In all of our meetings and tours of the hospital he was always clear that he never wanted to be recognized during his lifetime even though he gave consistently for 23 years. He often used tax efficient methods like a DAF or gifts of stocks and with these donations he helped to buy many pieces of equipment especially in diagnostic Imaging and cardiology. He did accomplish what he had intended and that was making his hospital better for those around him.”  

As of Summer 2023, the Ruth Salter Memorial Fund has given $292,168 towards various projects at South Shore Regional Hospital.

If you are considering your philanthropic future and your finances, consider asking your financial advisor about donor advised funds. Or reached out to the Health Services Foundation to learn more about how your gift can make a positive impact to your community.

The Health Services Foundation has announced its first-ever capital campaign has raised a grand total of $10,275,851 in support of the South Shore Regional Hospital redevelopment.

Generous gifts of all sizes, from individuals, businesses and other charitable led to the Foundation and its volunteer fundraising team met and exceeded its fundraising goal of $9.5-million.

Over two years, the Brighter Days campaign volunteers and the staff at the Health Services Foundation worked to raise gifts, including three $1-million gifts.

Health Services Foundation Executive Director Arleen Stevens says she is blown away by the final total.

“To think of where we started with this campaign to the total we see in front of us is astounding. This total is an amazing gift from our community to South Shore Regional Hospital. It has been heartening to see the community get behind this redevelopment, which has been a long time coming.”

Discussions around the redevelopment of South Shore Regional have taken place, off and on, over the past 16 years, with plans for the $115.7-million project becoming a reality in 2020.

The excess funds raised over the Brighter Days campaign’s goal will be put in the Brighter Days Legacy Fund, which will be there to continue to fund all the departments involved in the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment, including the hospital’s Emergency, Endoscopy and Day Surgery Departments, as well as the new Dialysis Unit, MRI and SPECT-CT scanners.

“Tim and I have long said that this capital campaign and this redevelopment aren’t going to fix all the issues in healthcare in our region or in our province,” notes Campaign Co-Chair David Himmelman, “but each Brighter Days gift supports making healthcare better for all of us on the South Shore”.

Campaign Co-Chair Tim O’Regan nods to the odd-timing of the campaign. “The Brighter Days campaign started during the COVID-19 pandemic, and while it wasn’t ideal, the realities the pandemic brought to the forefront of many minds is how important and how tireless our healthcare professionals work to keep our communities healthy and safe. We are pleased to be able to raise this amount to support the redevelopment and make their workplace the best it can be.”

The redevelopment project’s two-story addition, which will house the expanded Emergency, Endoscopy and Dialysis Departments is on track to be completed in late 2025. The MRI scanner will be the next addition, estimated to be complete in 2026. The expansion of the Day Surgery Department will be the final piece, with an estimated completion of 2027.

For capital campaign highlights and redevelopment news, visit healthservicesfoundation.ca/brighter-days.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia – The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is celebrating a transformative donation from Irving Oil and the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation in support of a ground-breaking expansion at the South Shore Regional Hospital.

Together, Irving Oil and the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation have gifted $1,000,000 to the Brighter Days Capital Campaign. The redevelopment project includes an expansion of the 35-year-old hospital’s emergency, day surgery and endoscopy departments. The campaign will also allow for the addition of dialysis services, a SPECT-CT scan and the South Shore’s first MRI scanner.

The gift will help to enhance the quality of emergency care and improve patient experience and access through additional services and expanded space design and innovation. This will lead to an improved experience for patients, families, service users and staff.

Brighter Days Capital Campaign Co-Chair David Himmelman worked with the donors to make this gift possible.

“One of the highlights of working on this campaign was meeting Arthur Irving, his wife Sandra and his daughter Sarah. They have done so much for health care all around the Maritimes and I’m very grateful they took the time to learn about, and then give to, the redevelopment of our regional hospital. Irving Oil has a huge presence in the Maritimes and New England. We all have friends or loved ones who work for, or have benefitted from Irving Oil in some way. This is now another wonderful connection between the South Shore and the Irving family,” Himmelman says.

The Brighter Days Capital Campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help ensure the residents of Nova Scotia’s South Shore have access to the best available healthcare facilities. The 48,705-square-foot expansion and redevelopment project is expected to be completed in stages between 2025-2026.

“We are inspired by the dedicated and caring team at the South Shore Regional Hospital and the compassionate care they provide each day,” says Arthur Irving. “We are proud to support the good work that David Himmelman and his team are doing with the Brighter Days Capital Campaign to provide access to the best available health care.”

The hospital project falls within Irving Oil’s social impact goals to support healthy communities and ensuring access to vital health services.

“On behalf of Irving Oil and our employees, we are happy to support partnerships that aim to provide quality, community-based, health-care services,” says Irving Oil President Ian Whitcomb. “The South Shore Regional Hospital redevelopment and expansion will be a significant support to the community for generations to come.”

To learn more about the project, visit http://www.healthservicesfoundation.ca/brighter-days/ 

About Health Services Foundation of the South Shore

Since 1993, the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore continues to invest in health care equipment and initiatives of both South Shore Regional Hospital and Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. It does so to strengthen the well-being of the communities the hospitals serve, striving to keep exceptional health care close to home. Learn more at healthservicesfoudation.ca.

About Irving Oil 

Irving Oil is a family-owned and privately held international energy company. For nearly 100 years, our commitment to doing good business has been grounded in our commitment to people – to our employees, customers, communities and partners. Founded in 1924, our mission is focused on our continued evolution to meet the changing needs of our customers. Specializing in the refining and marketing of finished energy products, we operate Canada’s largest refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, and Ireland’s only refinery located in the village of Whitegate. We proudly serve customers with more than 1,000 fuelling locations and a network of distribution terminals spanning Eastern Canada, New England and in Ireland, operating under the Top brand. We are on a continuous journey of sustainable development, working to reduce our environmental footprint while continuing to provide safe and reliable energy to our customers. Named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for seven consecutive years, we are proud of our team and our longstanding commitment to our customers and our communities. Learn more at irvingoil.com. 

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The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore, in partnership with Nova Scotia Health, is pleased to announce the funding of eight addition patient beds to support overflow patient needs at South Shore Regional Hospital.

Funding of $100,000 for these beds comes as part of the Brighter Days capital campaign’s goal increase, announced in 2022.

Brighter Days Campaign Co-Chair David Himmelman says the volunteer fundraisers of the campaign find securing these new beds one of the more satisfying accomplishments of the campaign. 

“For an 89-bed hospital, this is a big deal. This is a great example of what can happen when health care foundations and Nova Scotia Health work together to find solutions.”

Eric Whynot recently found himself as a week-long patient of the Emergency Department at South Shore Regional while waiting for a medical test in Halifax. Typically, a patient in Eric’s position would be admitted to the hospital’s medical floor, however no beds were available. On top of being a Director of the Health Services Foundation, as a former patient, Eric is pleased these extra beds will be there to allow other patients in similar situations to be able to move out of the sometimes-stressful environment of the Emergency Department.

“While during the day you have visitors to keep you company, the nights are challenging while you’re trying to recover. It’s hard to sleep, there’s constantly people coming and going, and various equipment sounds. I also felt bad I was taking up a bed in the Emergency Department as there were people coming in probably sicker than I. These new beds will come as a relief to medical staff and patients in need.”

“We are always grateful for the support from our partners with the Health Services Foundation who play such a key role in making sure our staff and physicians have the tools and equipment they need to provide quality care to their patients,” said Alyson Lamb, Executive Director Health Services, Nova Scotia Health. “Having the additional beds will make a difference in how patients move safely through our facility to receive care in the most appropriate spaces. We know that additional beds also require appropriate staffing and resources, which are areas that have always benefited from the support of our Foundation.”

 The Brighter Days Capital Campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help ensure the residents of Nova Scotia’s South Shore have access to the best available health care facilities. The 48,705 sq. ft. expansion and redevelopment of the hospital is expected to be completed in stages, between 2025 & 2027.

To further its commitment to physician and healthcare professional settlement and retention, the Health Services Foundation has presented to the Town of Bridgewater for support around its temporary housing concept.

On Monday, May 1, Foundation Board Chair Nick Saunders, Foundation Vice Chair Janice Tanner-Ernst and Foundation Physician Settlement and Retention Coordinator Martha Marchand presented to Bridgewater’s Town Council, asking for a letter of support to the Province of Nova Scotia to have a parcel of land off Nafthal Drive severed. This ask has been made to support the Foundation’s idea around temporary housing for medical professionals and learners coming to South Shore Regional Hospital.

Saunders say currently the concept is just a big idea. “We are in the very preliminary stages of discussions. We have been talking, specifically with the Town of Bridgewater, as this piece of land is within town limits and the Province needs commitment from one municipal partner for the severing of the land.”

“The Health Services Foundation is always looking for opportunities to support physician and healthcare professional recruitment, settlement and retention. There are no financial or time commitments to this idea as until we have land and the Health Services Foundation’s Board of Directors votes on it, there is no solid plan. We are very grateful to have Foundation donors who support our physician recruitment, settlement and retention work. We will be connecting with and looking for support from other local community groups when/if the project has more legs.”

The concept is to a provide a temporary housing option for doctors, healthcare professionals and medical learners transitioning to the area who need time to find a permanent living space. This is continuing the Foundation’s commitment to help remove barriers, making the recruitment process for Nova Scotia Health easier.

An official request letter for the support of the Town of Bridgewater will go before council for approval on Monday, May 8.

Media Contact:

Alison Clements

Manager, Strategic Engagement – Health Services Foundation of the South Shore


Ask anyone on the South Shore and they can tell many stories about needing health care services.

And that’s about the same number of reasons why Paul & Sharon Snow decided to make a $100,000 donation to the Health Services Foundation’s Brighter Days Capital Campaign.

“A hospital is an important piece of infrastructure and critical for a healthy and thriving community,” says Paul, who is also one of the Campaign’s volunteer fundraisers. “A modern facility with the latest technology can attract new medical staff to the area and allow for the full use of services that will be in place. It will also help in a time when there is a scarcity of medical staff throughout the country.”

The Brighter Days campaign supports the redevelopment of the 35-year-old South Shore Regional Hospital. This $115.7-million project includes the expansion of the hospital’s Emergency, Endoscopy and Day Surgery departments and will add MRI, Dialysis and SPECT-CT scanner services to the hospital, which serves residents from Hubbards to Shelburne.

Sharon wanted to give to the project as her career in South Shore’s medical system let her see firsthand the professionalism and dedication exhibited by the people providing medical services to the community.

“Our hospital staff have had a very difficult few years with the pandemic and its aftermath. We feel that the medical professionals that work in our community should be supported by providing them with the latest technology and working conditions to improve the chances for optimal health care outcomes.”

“Lunenburg county is our adopted home,” adds Paul. “We raised our children here and we are happy to have the opportunity to give back for such a worthy cause.”

The Brighter Days Capital Campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help ensure the residents of Nova Scotia’s South Shore have access to the best available health care facilities. The 48,705 sq. ft. expansion and redevelopment of the hospital is expected to be completed in 2025.

While winter may have meant hunkering down for some, the Health Services Foundation’s Board and staff were up to the exact opposite.

Winter is our event season, supporting of both of our amazing Lunenburg County hospitals. It’s remarkable to say that we have recently celebrated the 23rd annual West Nova Fuels Curl for a Cause bonspiel – an amazing milestone for a charitable event. With the over $47,000 raised during this year’s event, to date, this 3-day marathon bonspiel has raised over $831,000 for Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg. I want to send a special shout out to our volunteer committee and most especially our dedicated long time chair Anne Cosgrove. Anne has been organizing this bonspiel for over 15 years and been a volunteer since year one. She inspires us all to value our communities.

The South Shore community supports the hospital foundation in so many ways. A prime example of this is our fantastic community pledging over $135,000 to our 13th annual Gift From The Heart Radiothon on CKBW & Country 100.7. This is an amazing comment to the dedication of our communities to supporting health care and our hospitals.

The Foundation staff, our volunteers and I can see the finish line of the Brighter Days capital campaign.  It’s still down the hill and around the corner a bit – but we can see it! The community has supported us through our first-ever capital campaign in support of the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment Project and has accepted the $9.5M stretch goal which we placed in front of them. This “stretch” has allowed us to commit beyond the Emergency Room, Day Surgery, and Endoscopy expansions; to include an MRI and SPECT-CT scanner (both new diagnostic technologies for the South Shore), as well as a twelve-bed dialysis unit in Bridgewater. We are so grateful for each and every contribution made so far, from large and small businesses, families, individuals and hospital staff.    

The Foundation Board, staff and I want to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to the donors who make these hospital investments a reality and to the volunteer leadership who have worked selflessly to help us make these donations both (simple and complicated) a reality. 

Now, let’s look forward to the horizon, to the bright and sunny hope that spring brings!

The South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment has received $25,000 donation from Inside Out Cleaning Services.

The South Shore company made this generous donation after being approached by a volunteer of the Brighter Days Capital Campaign.

Jason Martell, CEO and Owner of Inside Out Cleaning Services, says his company has been involved in other positive community investments and has been searching for something to sink our teeth in and help with for a while.

“We are fortunate enough to be able to do it. We are all about improvement; it’s part of our values and we believe that this is a necessary improvement for the area. Health care plays a part in our employees’ lives and possibly in our client’s lives, so we want to be a part of this project.”

“We understand how incredibly crucial health is to everyone’s lives,” Jason adds. “We have been fortunate, from a family, personal and business standpoint, that we haven’t needed to use it that much. We have heard of all the stories and all the challenges that that the health care system has faced here and in many other places. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of being able to give, we believe this is a worthy opportunity to help your employee and client base in a long-term impactful way.”

Health Services Foundation Executive Director Arleen Stevens says it’s wonderful to have businesses of all sizes make meaningful gifts to the project. “The Brighter Days capital campaign has served as a rallying call for our South Shore communities to show support and invest in the enhancement of health care in our region. The Foundation is very grateful for this wonderful donation to this redevelopment.”

The Brighter Days Capital Campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help ensure the residents of Nova Scotia’s South Shore have access to the best available health care facilities. The 48,705 sq. ft. expansion and redevelopment of the hospital is expected to be completed in 2025.

If you would like to make your own gift to the Brighter Days capital campaign, click here.