Our medical professionals at both South Shore Regional and Fishermen’s Memorial Hospitals deserve to work with the best equipment possible.

If you’re considering a gift to local health care through the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore, these are current items your donation can support or purchase.

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Cancer Care Program: Recliner Chair

This request is to replace an existing recliner chair in the infusion room.

Ergonomically, the current chair does not recline to the degree or extent required similar to the current infusion chairs. It is lower to the ground which causes some difficulty for the patients to stand from seating position.

Additionally, staff access to the patient for IV starts is difficult.

The requested replacement chair also provides two side tables for additional comfort and staff workspace.

Cost: $2,612

Cancer Care Program: Chart Rack

The chart rack is necessary to store and transport additional patient charts that are required to document care.

Staff are finding it difficult to manage, store and access files for daily treatments given the volume of care in the clinic and treatment area has increased.

Cost: $1,546